How To Choose Blogging Niche in 2022

How To Choose A Blogging Niche (Simple Method)

How to choose a blogging niche

If you are reading this article then you decided to start a new blog but confused to choose the right niche for your blog, right? Don’t worry, I will help you to choose the right blogging niche for your new blog.

Choosing the right niche is very important. Because it plays a huge role in your blog’s success. Also, it determines who your audiences are and which blog post to focus on.

As well as it helps to create different products or services which will improve the growth of your blog.

We all know that starting a new blog or website is a very exciting and happy moment but choosing a blogging niche is very stressful.

Because while choosing a niche, hundreds of questions will arise in mind. like –

What should I blog about?

Can I make money from this?

Will people read my blogs? And etc.

If you also getting the same questions then Be Cool! I will help you to choose a blogging niche for your new blog. Let’s get started.

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What Is A Blogging Niche?

In simple words, Niche means a Topic. Lets elaborate it –

Niche is a specialized section of a broad topic. For example, “Bikes” is a broad topic while “Adventure bikes” and “Sports bikes” are the niches with that broad topic.

Here “Bikes” is a broad topic. You can write a blog about adventure bikes, commuting bikes, touring bikes, and sports bikes.

But If you write blogs about “Adventure bikes” only then it will help you to target a specific audience. Most importantly people love to see all the adventure bikes in one place.

I hope this example helps you to know about Niche.

Why Does Your Blog Need A Niche?

You are free to blog about everything that you love. But it is a bad idea. Why? Let me explain.

Consider eCommerce giant Amazon, It is already established and they are selling everything they want. If you started a new eCommerce website to sell everything like Amazon then you can’t able to sell a single product because of huge competition.

If you consider a particular niche like “Headphones” then you can stand out in completion. It will help you to increase site traffic, site ranking, product sales and most importantly you can target specific audiences to solve their problems. Which is not possible on a broad topic.

So, choosing a blogging niche is very important. Because it helps to target a specific audience and you can easily solve their problems. Most importantly choosing a niche will prevent you from wasting time on posts that won’t receive traffic.

Focusing on a particular niche helps you to learn more about specific problems. And you can create products to solve problems, also you can earn money by recommending related affiliate products to solve their problems.

This is why the niche is very important. Now we will see some steps to find a blogging niche.

Tips To Choose A Blogging Niche

Choosing a niche is a complex process because it is the main and important thing to start a blog.

A good niche is what you need to achieve success in blogging. In general, a good niche means a niche you like, has good traffic, helps you to earn money, and have a good future.

If you fail to find out a good niche for your blog then you won’t able to reach the success that you decided.

Here I will discuss some steps, which will help you to choose the right niche for your next blog.

Choose A Topic That You Are Interested In Or Passionate About.

It is very necessary to choose the niche you are passionate about.

If you are passionate about a thing then definitely you love to read about it, write about it and also you will suggest other people.

Most important reason to choose your passion is you won’t get bored and it will encourage you to take risks.

For example, if you love bikes or have information about bikes and related stuff then you will love to share your knowledge about bikes, riding gears etc. Most importantly you don’t need to put extra effort to get knowledge about bikes.

Picking a distinct segment you like is very important as a result of blogging will get monotonous. Whereas it is easier to write down and publish content once you square measure starting off, maintaining an equivalent level of energy and motivation, later on, will become a challenge.

“As much as you are passionate about things or topics, you can easily blog on that topic every day.”

Check The Competition And Long-Term Potential Of Your Niche

Whenever you list blog niches, do some research about every niche’s competition and its potential.

As I said before, You can start an eCommerce store but the problem is you need to compete with eCommerce giant Amazon.

Now, you will think about the low competition niche, right?

If you are thinking to choose the niche which has zero competition, here zero competition is ok, what about the demand?

If you are writing blogs and ranking them in the first place of search results but did not get any traffic. What is the use of choosing such niches?

So, try to make a balance between both competition and demand.

Now, what about long-term potential?

In simple words, long-term potential means how well a particular niche performing over time.

For example, If you take fidget spinner it is a very trending topic for a certain period of time. Later people lost interest in it and now it is nothing. So, try to avoid such niches…

To know the niche potential Google Trends is the best tool. Just enter the keyword and select the duration and you will know how well that particular niche is performing.

All you need to do is “Just choose evergreen topics”.

Will The Audience Read Your Niche

This is an important question you should think after selecting a topic. Because If you are passionate about one topic and publishing blogs every day but not getting any traffic. Think how disappointing it is?

So, always check how many people are interested in your niche.

Google Trends is the best tool to know what people are searching for and also it helps to know how popular your niche is.

To know, just go to Google Trends. Search for your niche keyword, select the time period. You will know how much that particular topic is trending and which country audiences are interested in that topic.

Try to compare all your niches on Google Trends and select which one performing well. Don’t choose such a niche which has a peak rise or drop in a graph. Always choose a niche that has consistency in the graph.

Can You Make Money From Your Niche

Making money with passion is a dream job for everyone. And It is possible in blogging.

Once you listed highly potential niches then try to research whether you are going to make money or not with those niches?

You can make money from ad networks like Adsense,, and etc. But Affiliate Marketing is the best and profitable way to monetize your blog or website.

To start affiliate marketing on your blog, Join Affiliate programs like Amazon, Share A Sale, CJ Affiliate and etc. and just search for your niche related products.

If you found your niche related products in these sites then you can easily make money by recommending those products to your readers. If your readers buy any products through your affiliate links then you will get the commission.

So choose the profitable and passionate niche and start writing blogs. Initially, you won’t get much traffic and money. It takes time so be patient and keep blogging. Once traffic starts to come to your blog then you will earn beyond your expectations.

Final Words On How To Choose A Blogging Niche.

Niche is a very important thing in blogging. If you do a mistake while choosing the niche then you can’t able to work on it for a long time.

When you choose your blogging niche, find a long-term project that you love to writing about. Find a niche in which you are interested and passionate.

If you are not passionate about that topic then you will struggle to write blogs and you will end up copying other articles which is not good for SEO purposes.

Once you find the blogging niche, choose the domain, best hosting, and theme for your blog. Write SEO Friendly Blog Posts, share it on social networks, do research about your competitors and make your skills better and most importantly be patient because it takes time…

I hope these simple steps help you to choose the blogging niche for your new blog. If you still have any queries/doubts contact me or comment down below.

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